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These stock acrylic cube paper weights are acrylic gift pieces that work well for many clients.  These are not Lucite embedments but acrylic awards that are crystal clear, have a nice weight to them, and the look of Lucite at half the cost.  You cannot insert any product or text in these acrylic shapes, but we can silkscreen the front or back of the acrylic recognition award and you can add a color photo for a great "3D" look.  The acrylic cube sizes shown are standard and are priced as shown. We have other acrylic sizes available.  If you are looking for a custom molded cube w/ an insert, than Lucite is your award choice.

These acrylic award shapes are a low-cost option.  25 piece minimum.  Other acrylic options available.

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For "Lucite" Cube Embedments, see here   (solid Lucite)

Pyramids:     3-1/2" sq Base x 3" tall    &    4-3/8" sq base x 3-1/4" tall

Cubes:     2-7/8" Inside Dia. x 3-1/4" OD    &    3-1/2" Inside Dia. x 4" OD

Options:   Pen Cube,  Photo Cube,  Printed Card Cube,  Foam Blocks    CALL for Pricing




Acrylic Display Hollow Cube with Pencil Caddie option

Description: Clear two piece acrylic display cube. Cut round hole in top. Foam Innercore. Die cut folded card insert.






Acrylic Display Hollow Cube with Bank option

Description: Clear two piece acrylic display cube with bank option. Cut slot In top and removable plug in bottom. Surface screen imprint.






Acrylic Display Hollow CUBE Award

Description: Clear two piece acrylic display cube. Foam innercore with die Cut folded card insert.







SIZE of Cubes:   Choose from 3-1/4": 2-7/8" Inside Dia. x 3-1/4" OD       or 4": 3-1/2" Inside Dia. x 4" OD


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  Shovel In Clear "Acrylic" Box - NFSH-208  

3 1/8" Acrylic Cube with Cast Resin Simulated Earth and 3-D Pewter-Cast Miniature Shovel. Copy silkscreened on face of cube.

SIZE : 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 3 1/8".
PRODUCTION TIME : 8-12 business days.
COPYAREA : 2 1/2" square.
PACKAGING : Folding gift box
MATERIALS : Acrylic cube, cast resin, pewter shovel.
SET-UP : $80.00 for one-color, one-location imprint.
ADDITIONAL COLOR OR SIDE SET-UP : $60.00 each side, with a $0.60 run charge per side and/or color, per piece.
PAPER PROOF : $25.00
  Qty 25 50 100 250
  Price $28.00 $22.50 $19.98 $16.40

        800-520-1691  ext 208


800-520-1691  ext 208

for "Lucite" Cubes or embedments click here

A Better Idea Acrylic Awards is the leading manufacturer of Acrylic & Lucite Awards in the USA. Offering a complete line of beautifully designed, affordable recognition awards to suit any budget... from financial awards to the most prestigious corporate awards, your recognition awards dealer has an Acrylic award to suit your needs. The leading site for acrylic paperweights, acrylic plaques, acrylic encasements, and acrylic entrapments!  Choose recognition awards that have a lasting impact and classic in appearance and design. Choose LuciteTombstones.com!
800-520-1691  ext 208

Acrylic Awards from A Better Idea are available factory direct for the best pricing.  Ask for our LuciteTombstones awards by name.

Acrylic Awards from A Better Idea!... a distinctive choice!

Acrylic Paper Weights & Awards from A Better Idea!... a distinctive choice!


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