how to place a Lucite order:

   you send us the details & artwork & we email or fax you the order form  

Ordering Lucite is easy once we have the correct information, and we can help you but we need some basics to get a quick quote!    Please review the easy questions below and give us as much detail as possible.  Remember, Lucite is a Liquid and we custom cast ( pour and mold) your award.  Each shape and every size is a different price so giving us an approximate size ( or you maximum budget per piece) will be very helpful in getting you a quick quote

LIVE PHONE QUOTE:    800-520-1691   or    web request form

If you don't have all the information below, just call us for help selecting the perfect piece, but give us your budget per piece and describe your artwork layout and colors ... we have 28 years of experience!

Easy Steps to get a quick quote:

1.   SHAPEChoose a shape from our online catalog.   A shape is required for a quotation.  

2.   SIZEChoose an approximate or exact size of the Lucite award. ( 4" x 6",  5" x 7" or  5" tall,  etc), or give us a budget price per piece.  We can help you pick the right size.

3.   QUANTITY:?   6 is the min order size (Our qty price breaks:  25-4950-99, 100-249250-499, 500-999)  6-24 available for a higher cost.

4.   INSERT / ArtworkWhat is going inside the Lucite?  1 or 2 side document?   Clear or White Card?  Photo? How many  colors on each side?   Do you have artwork?  Need us to re-create your art....we can!    When sending us artwork, send an .eps file and max size is 3 megs or just have your artist "compress" the file w/ WinZip or Stuffit programs.

5.   ARTWORKOur specialty!  You can email us what you have for review.  Send promotional item artwork We are here to help you create a clean well designed award.  If you don't have the proper format (.eps file), we can re-create it for you!  Send whatever you have....or mail us a copy!  We will guide you through it.  If you don't have the correct file format...we can re-create the art and will give you a quote.

6.   EVENT DATEGive us the date of your event or date you need them to arrive and any details of your artwork or what your ideas are.  If you are matching a previous job, give us the shape & size or send us a digital photo or copy of your layout.

7.   PAYMENT INFO:      Payment info:  Credit card? - We e-mail you a payment form, or Invoice for payment by check?

8.   SHIPPING INFO:  How would you like it shipped?   UPS,  Fed Ex etc.    (We also offer 3rd party billing on your account)

9.   PDF PROOF   Once you proceed with order, (artwork & payment) we will confirm all pricing and get you a faxed or email PDF paper proof.  You approve the PDF proof by fax, phone or email and you can choose to get a sample or go right to full order production. *We also offer a pre-production 1st run sample at no additional charge when full order is placed. *Random samples (previous work) may be provided at salespersons discretion. For pre-productions samples, please be advised that you must pay for all printing, setups, and layout for the full order in order to produce the single sample. The majority of the cost in in plates, setups, color mixing and labor and the material is minor so all cards or inserts are printed at one time.  We provide a no charge PDF proof for your approval by phone, fax, or email once you place your order.  Once approved, if you request a sample, you are responsible for the printing costs & setups for the entire order.  A sample may be requested without cost if you approve the sample ( it's the 1st piece of your order) but should you cancel at the sample stage, you are responsible for the printing & setups. Getting the 1st piece saves you from producing and paying for the entire run of Lucite's.  Please be advised that once your PDF paper proof layout is approved we are ready to print so any changes will incur new print costs.

10.  CALL US:   Questions on above?    Call for a personal quotation at  800-520-1691, e-mail, or fax us (at 401-847-8076) your artwork along with the shape, size and any other details.  Use our handy request form.   $250 minimum order.      Email us for a quick quote or call us directly.  * Our phone sales staff can be busy at times so please leave us a message for a return call.  Emailing is a quick option.


800-520-1691  ext 208

Our Quotation Phone:   401-841-5646 x208   NO single piece orders.  Fax requests to:  401-847-8076

Email requests to:


Please call 401-841-5646 x 201 for help with your ideas or Lucite project!

Once you proceed with an order we will confirm all pricing and get you a faxed paper proof.  We also offer a pre-production sample at no additional charge.

Please provide the shape, approx size, and any artwork or insert details you have for an accurate quotation.   We can help you decide which shape or size works for you!  You can also email us your artwork for a quotation at

Browse our LUCITE GALLERY OF IDEAS for the many standard and special shapes from our online catalog.  Decide which shape you like and try to determine the approximate size you would like.  Call us at 800-520-1691 for LIVE HELP or email us at

If you don't have the information below, just call us for help selecting the perfect piece ... we have 27 years of experience!!

RUSH: Ready to Ship Stock Items  RUSH SERVICE  

  401-841-5646   1-800-520-1691   x208 or ask for Lucite Quoting Dept.

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WEB QUOTE REQUEST FORM        Printing Processes for your Lucite insert. 

6 Piece minimum -  No single piece orders accepted.

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